Guide Trip with Traditional Hospitality Of Mt Rinjani

In addition to cultural and natural beauty of Indonesia, especially Lombok, Indonesia local hospitality is very famous in the world. Because the hospitality of Mt Rinjani, Lombok became the main destination of foreign tourists to spend the holidays. Indonesian cultural wealth are so numerous, that’s what causes the Indonesian people to be very friendly with strangers and consider them as brothers and family.

We serve customers wholeheartedly and implement local hospitality in every ministry. Rinjani Holiday recommend the traditional activities in serving climbers, such as serving food and drinks traditional area of Mount Rinjani. By so doing we hope climbers can feel as citizens of the local slope of Mount Rinjani.

Hospitality Of Mt Rinjani

Rinjani Holiday hope to provide the best services without leaving the local hospitality of Mt Rinjani embedded hereditary.

Rinjani Holiday Trek Food Menu

Breakfast Menu

Pancake (Lombok style Banana or Pineapple Pancake Served with Chocolate Cream)
Two eggs any style (Omelet, Fried Eggs, Boiled Eggs Served With Vegetable and Cheese)
Pisang Goreng (Golden Fried Floured Sweet Banana)
Fruits Salad (Fixed Fresh Fruits)

Coffee and Tea

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Lombok Mie Kuah (Lombok’s Noodles Soup Served with Vegetables and Boiled Eggs)
Lombok Mie Goreng (Lombok’s Fried Noodles Served with Vegetables, Eggs and Fried Chicken)
Lombok Nasi Goreng (Lombok’s Fried Rice Served with Fried Eggs and Chicken)
Nasi Campur (Steam Rice served with scrambled vegetables and chicken)
Ayam Kare (Chicken in Coconut Cream Souse)
Tomato Soup
Mix Vegetable Soup

Rinjani Holiday also offer several package trips explore local culture and wisdom daerang Mount Rinjani. The journey only takes one day or it can be done after climbing Mount Rinjani. For those who love coffee, Rinjani Holiday recommend the coffee from the slopes of the famous Mount Rinjani dense and delicious. Coffee from Mount Rinjani has a distinctive aroma and taste will make coffee increases.

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