Rinjani Holiday Guide Fun Rinjani Trip

As an experienced guide on Mt Rinjani, Rinjani Holiday are well aware that in order to get the trip enjoyable and unforgettable need for familiarity between the guides and climbers, so a close relationship will build trust and a pleasant atmosphere during the ascent. Thus reducing fatigue during  climbing Mountain Rinjani.

rinjani holiday

As native youth rinjani, Rinjani Holiday are very aware of the preservation of mountain ecosystems rinjani. Rinjani Holiday strongly urge the climbers to care for and preserve the natural mountain rinjani. Rinjani Holiday have a mission that we all can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani without destroying it.

Our guide serve wholeheartedly in the accompanying climbers. Our guide serve the local hospitality so that we can do mountain climbing Rinjani with fun. We believe that the trip enjoyable and unforgettable is the purpose of the climbers in addition to the main purpose of which survived to go home.

With very understand climbing lane Mt Rinjani, we strive to make the ascent a safe, pleasant and timely. We also strive to maintain natural when climbing Mt Rinjani. Because the beauty of Mt Rinjani is a big investment for us all.

Give trust to us then we will give the service a pleasant and unforgettable journey.

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